By highly qualified, experienced in EMF as Court Certified Experts. EMF testing is highly complex for reliable reporting in New York City and high density population areas in New Jersey and Connecticut.

westchester emf testingWestchester Dutchess County Hudson River Valley with many high EMF areas

new york city emf rf consultant for testing cell towers

Midtown NYC with over 1,000 EMR emission sources 2G 3G 4G now 5G

health effects of emfLower Hudson Jersey City Hoboken

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queues, Bronx, Staten Island some of the highest in EMF


We have seen numerous cases where EMF radiation testing revealed extreme risk exposure, in nearly all cases the occupants vacated immediately and symptoms were relived. Our medical experts will report the risks present and their direct clinical correlations. Note: every site has it's own unique risk presence. If it is about your health speak to our expert.

Many NYC rooftop gardens have been closed others should be. Look for warning signs leave immediately if present. The effects may be instant or delayed.

school emf wifi cellular radiation

Spectral experts have studied many schools in NY NJ PA & CT for such exposure risks. School classrooms, computer rooms, and play yards are of highest concern due to the most vulnerable ages of those exposed. Spectral hase identified many sources EMFunrecognized by industry.

effect of smart meters emf radiaiton

Spectral scientists fully understand the neurological effect on the brain, inter/intra cellular, biomolecular signaling, and tissue response. Spectral's EMF technical medical experts fully recognize symptoms associated with exposure.

how to shield emf radiation

Exposure risk is ongoing. But highest during conception to 5 years, again at 12-13 years-many other critical factors- Moms at home get 24x7 exposure. Many at work are exposed to EMF emission from related systems are also at risk. Ask our experts about your exposure.

the effect of emf on children

Children must avoid prolonged activity in the presence of EMF.

Highest risk is to newborns and children..


Hudson River Valley EMF High Voltage Corridor Supplies NYC with electricity dangers of  High voltage lines

EMF EMR RFR HV MW exposure the NYC - Metro NJ PA Tri -state AREA with some of the highest levels in the nation.

dangers of cellphones

EMF sources are all different and must be fully understood for testing and exposure risk assessment.
Extensive presence in south central New Jersey and coastal areas..

emf testing monmounth county nj


EMF Health risk assessments are complex and require high levels of electromagnetic technical academics, related experience along with medical and clinical integrations by experienced experts. Many EMF radiation sources and their effects are not recognized by lay inexperienced "consultants".

emf testing monmounth county nj

Indoor EMF sources may also include Smart Meters - these meters collect electricity, water, oil or gas usage and transmit this information to the distribution company.

health effects of smart meters

EMF sources are often concealed behind bushes, trees, vegetation and fake structures like chimneys - after you are shown a property, for purchace, it is advisable to return on your own, then privately and look carefully about the area again. Call Spectral if any EMF source is present.

how to measure emfEMF trespass and toxic torts substation presence with warning signs tell little of the actual risk that may be present in nearly all cases. Risk is far more than just voltage./

how to measure emfForensic investigations involve torts of EMF trespass, contamination, personal injury, faulty inspection failing to identify risk (malfeasance/nonfeasance) and dangers, failing to disclose or concealed EMF sources presence. Our court reports are for either plaintiff's or defendants. ASK

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Advanced Clinically Integrated EMF Risk Assessment by Spectral's Expert for Metropolitan NY NJ CT PA Areas

how to measure electromagnetic radiation
Our EMF technical and medical court experts have over 40 years of experience in working with and in all areas of the electron and it's quanta and may provide related scientific investigative studies for related concerns. We have dismissed many consultant's inspection sand their unqualified /inexperienced reports that were without scientific/forensic standing. Our applied science and technologies are unmatched. We only accept select cases where we believe that there is a potentially or a meaningful exposure risk or other need based upon our interview with you, the client or patient. We will not frighten you into unnecessary risk assessments.


Abnormal and risk levels across the EMF spectrum ranges may be reduced or eliminated in some cases only if fully understood. Be aware the highest risks areas are rarely subject of any successful or meaningful mitigation and impossible in many cases. Much of the mitigation offered on the Internet is of little, to no value and will in fact at times increase risk. Some of the most popular and expensive offerings are completely misunderstood and misrepresented unknown to buyers and offer no meaningful protection. Only after fully understanding the exposure risks present may such be considered as outlined in a Spectral report. Note: There are clearly junk, worthless devices with $2.00 (yes, two dollars)in internal parts claining to be supported with "fake" scientific reports that are being sold for hundreds of dollars that do nothing and are just show. This also applies to the majority of the meters. Other wishful offerings as stick-ons, wraps and hang-up nets are similar in their lack of any efficacy.

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